Who We Are

Hi! We are Emily and Dan Abbotoy! We are so excited you are here at The Back to School Project.

We both grew up in Upstate/Western NY, Emily (Rochester) and Dan (Buffalo). Emily moved outside of the Buffalo area to pursue a teaching career in a small town south of Buffalo. A few years later, met Dan and the rest is history! We have been married just over a year and are excited to be starting a business together!

Emily is a 4th grade teacher and loves working with children. Dan a biology major, turned entrepreneur. They both have a heart for helping people and wanted to create something that could make things easier for parents, children and teachers alike.

How we came up with the idea? We were talking one day over the winter about Emily’s students already running out of supplies. Not uncommon this time of year, but the conversation turned into how most parents do not enjoy back to school shopping in the summer, so they most likely just grab things off the shelves quickly, at the cheapest price, to just be done with it. Or how parents can get easily frustrated at the specifics each list has. As a teacher I can understand this, but also realize, yes, there is a reason teacher’s do this, and no, it is not to cause parents angst.

So we combined our love for teaching, back to school supplies and helping others and from that was born The Back to School Project.

We wanted to create The Back to School Project to give parents the easiest, most efficient and affordable way to get their school supplies with a click of a button. The prices are comparable to big box stores without the hassle of dragging your kids to multiple stores and missing out on the last days of summer! Can anyone relate to that?

Just find your school list, add it to the cart and your school supply shopping is done! If your specific list is not there, just fill out a quick form under “add your list” and within 24-48 hours, your list will be available and ready to purchase! Again, point, click and you can be on your way to spending your summer days with your kids instead of in the school supply aisle.